Cachalot Class




Boats in class  2 Units - SS.170 Cachalot   SS.171 Cuttlefish
Normal displacement surfaced  Cachalot - 1.170t
Cuttlefish - 1.210t
Normal displacement submerged  1.650t
Machinery  2 x General Motors Diesel
2 x Electro Dynamic/Westinghouse electric
Maximum power Surfaced/Submerged  3.100hp/1.600hp
Speed Surfaced/Submerged  17 knots/8 knots
Armament  1 x 76mm L/40 Gun
4 x 0.3in MG replaced by
2 x 20mm L/70 AA
Torpedeo Tubes  6 x 533mm/16 Torpedoes
Length  Cachalot - 82,8m
Cuttlefish - 83,5m
Beam  7,5m
Height  3,9m
Complement  50
Year of construction  1931-1934
Fate  Taken out of service in 1947
Builder  Cachalot - Portsmouth Navy Yard 1931-1933
Cuttlefish - Electric Boat Groton 1931-1934