HMS Oscar II
Oscar II in the 30īs

Oscar II 1939

Oscar II in Gothenburg 1946



Type  Coastal defense ship
Class  Oscar II class
Units in class  1 - HMS Oscar II
Armament  2 x 210mm L/44 Bofors M1898 guns
6 x 152mm L/50 Bofors M1903 guns
4 x 57mm L/55 Bofors AA M/89-36
2 x 25mm L/58 Bofors AA M/32
4 x 8mm MG M/36
Armour  37mm - 190mm
Displacement  4.273 tons standard
Complement  335
Engine  2 x steam engines 9.400 hp
Speed  18 knots
Length  95,6m
Beam  15,4m
Draught  5,5m
Launched  June 1905
Fate  Out of service 1950. Scrapped 1974
Builder  Lindholmens mekaniska verkstad Gothenburg