HMS Oden
HMS Oden in its original state


Type  Coastal defense ship
Class  Oden class
Units in class  3 - HMS Oden,  HMS Niord and HMS Thor
Armament  2 x 254mm L/42 Canet M/94 guns
6 x 120mm Bofors Ssk M/94 guns
10 x 57mm L/25,9 Finspång M/95
6 x 47mm L/50 Ssk M/95
2 x 25mm L/35,5 Palmcrantz MG M/84
2 x 8mm Maxim MG M/95
1 x 457mm M/93 torpedoe
Armour  Max 241mm
Displacement  3.445 ton standard
Complement  252
Engine  7.400 hp
Speed  17 knots
Length  86m
Beam  14,8m
Draught  5,3m
Launched  March 1898
Fate  Out of service 1937
Builder  Bergsunds mekaniska verkstad Stockholm