HMS Manligheten

Manligheten 1943



Type  Coastal defense ship
Class  Äran class
Units in class  4 - HMS Äran,  HMS Wasa,  HMS Tapperheten and HMS Manligheten
Armament  1941
2 x 210mm Bofors M/98-36 guns
6 x 152mm Bofors M/98-36 guns
4 x 57mm AA M/38
2 x 40mm AA M/36
2 x 25mm AA M/32
2 x 8mm MG M/36
Armour  50mm - 190mm
Displacement  3.650 tons
Complement  322
Engine  2 x Motala Trippel-expansion 7.400 shp
Speed  17,2 knots
Length  91,4m
Beam  15,02m
Draught  5m
Launched  December 1903
Fate  Out of service February 1950
Builder  Kockums mekaniska verkstad Malmö