HMS Gotland



Type  Aircraft cruiser
Class  Gotland class
Units in class  1 - HMS Gotland
Armament  1944
6 x 152mm L/55 Bofors M/30
2 x 75mm L/60 Bofors AA M/28
2 x 75mm L/60 Bofors AA M/26
8 x 40mm AA M/36
6 x 25mm AA M/32
3 x 20mm L/66 Bofors AA M/40
4 x 8mm AA MG M/36
6 x 530mm torpedoes
100 mines
6 x S9 aircraft (Hawker Osprey)
Armour  15mm - 24mm
Displacement  5.550 ton
Complement  470
Engine  33.000 shp
Speed  27,5 knots
Length  134,8m
Beam  15,4m
Draught  4,5m
Launched  September 1933
Fate  Out of service June 1960
Builder  Lindholmens varv and Götaverken Gothenburg