Tijgerhaai and Zwaardvisch (ex-British Tarn and Talent)


Boats in class  2 Units - Tijgerhaai   Zwaardvisch
Normal displacement surfaced  1.321-1.422t
Normal displacement submerged  1.571t
Machinery  2 x Admiralty, Vickers, Sulzer or MAN
2 x L. Scott electric
Maximum power Surfaced/Submerged  2.500hp/1.450hp
Speed Surfaced/Submerged  15,25 knots/9 knots
Armament  1 x 102mm L/40 Gun
1 x 20mm AA
3 x 303 Lewis MG
Torpedeo Tubes  10 x 533mm/16 Torpedoes
Length  83,1m
Beam  8,1m
Height  4,5-4,8m
Complement  61
Year of construction  1940-1946
Fate  Remained in Dutch service until scrapped in 1966 resp 1962
Vickers Armstrong