H Class
H 2

Sisters of the British H Class.


Boats in class  5 Units - H1  H2  H4  H6  H8
Normal displacement surfaced  365t
Normal displacement submerged  474t
Machinery  2 x New London Ship & Engine Co Diesel
2 x Dynamic Electric Co
Maximum power Surfaced/Submerged  480hp/628hp
Speed Surfaced/Submerged  12,5 knots/8,5 knots
Armament  1 x 76mm L/30
1930- 1 x 13,2mm Breda MG
Torpedeo Tubes  4 x 450mm/6 Torpedoes
Length  45,8m
Beam  4,69m
Height  3,78m
Complement  27
Year of construction  1916-1918
Builder  Canadian Vickers Montreal 1916-1918