Bragadin Class
M Bragadin

F Corridoni

Short-range minelaying and torpedoe boat.


Boats in class  2 Units - Marcantonio Bragadin   Filippo Corridoni
Normal displacement surfaced  981t
Normal displacement submerged  1.167t
Machinery  2 x Tosi Diesel
2 x Marelli electric
Maximum power Surfaced/Submerged  1.500hp/1.000hp
Speed Surfaced/Submerged  11,5 knots/7 knots
Armament  1 x 102mm L/35 Gun
2 x 13,2mm MG
Torpedeo Tubes  4 x 533mm/6 Torpedoes
Length  71,5m
Beam  6,15m
Height  4,8m
Complement  56
Year of construction  1927-1931
Builder  Tosi Taranto