Type XXI
Type XXI moored in Norway 1945




Boats in class  118 Units  U2501-U2551  U2552-U2564  U3001-U3051  U3052-U3063  U3501-U3537  U3538-U3695
Normal displacement surfaced  1.621t
Normal displacement submerged  1.819t
Machinery  2 x MAN M6V40/46KBB 6-cyl Diesel
2 x SSW GU365/30 electric
1 x SSW GV232/28 electric
Maximum power Surfaced/Submerged  4.800hp/5.496hp
Speed Surfaced/Submerged  15,5 knots/17,5 knots
Armament  4 x 30mm gun or
4 x 20mm gun
Torpedeo Tubes  6 x 533mm/32 or 17 torpedoes and 12 mines
Length  76,7m
Beam  8m
Height  6,20m
Complement  57
Year of construction  1943-1945
Builder  U2501-U2551  Blohm & Voss Hamburg 1943-1945
U2552-U2564  Blohm & Voss Hamburg 1943-
U3001-U3051  Deschimag A G Bremen 1943-1945
U3052-U3063  Deschimag A G Bremen 1943-
U3501-U3537 F. Schichau Danzig 1943-1945
U3538-U3695  F. Schichau Danzig 1943-