Type IA
U25 at the beginning of the war.


Boats in class  U25 and U26
Normal displacement surfaced  862t
Normal displacement submerged  983t
Machinery  2 x MAN Diesel
2 x BBC electric
Maximum power Surfaced/Submerged  2.800hp/1.000hp
Speed Surfaced/Submerged  17,7 knots/8,3 knots
Armament  1 x 105mm L/45 gun
1 x 20mm AA cannon
Torpedeo Tubes  6 x 533mm/14 torpedoes
Length  72,4m
Beam  6,2m
Height  4,3m
Complement 43
Year of construction  1935-1936
Fate  U25-Minesunk 1939
Builder  Deschimag Bremen