HMS Resolution
HMS Resolution


Type Battleship
Class Revenge class
Units in class 5 - Revenge, Ramilles, Resolution, Royal Oak and Royal Svereign
Armament 4 twin BL 15-inch MK I guns
12 single 150 mm MK XII guns
8 102 mm guns
4 x QF 2-pdr anti-aircraft guns
16 x Bofors 40mm AA
4 533 mm torpedo tubes
Armour 13 inch belt
5 inch upper belt
10 inch barbettes
13 inch turret faces
Displacement 33.500t full load
Complement 1100
Engine 4 shaft Parsons geared turbines 18 Yarrow boilers 40,000 shp
Speed 23 knots
Length 189m
Beam 31m
Draught 9,2m
Launched January 1915
Fate Sold for scrap  1948
Builder Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Company, Jarrow