HMS Hood
HMS Hood


Type  Battlecruiser
Class  Hood
Units in class  1 - Hood
Armament  8 x 381mm Mk I Guns
14 x 102mm QF MkXVI AA Guns
24 x 40mm AA
20 x 12,7mm Vickers MG
4 x 533mm torpedoes
Armour  Max 381mm
Displacement  46.680 tons
Complement  1418
Engine  4 x Brown Curtis turbines  144.000shp
Speed  29 knots
Length  262m
Beam  31,75m
Draught  9,75m
Launched  August 1918
Fate  Sunk in combat with Bismarck during the battle of the Denmark Strait 24 May 1941.
Builder  John Brown and Company