Army truck ZiS-5V


EE ZIS-5V winter left.jpg (25780 byte) EE ZIS-5V winter rear.jpg (27076 byte) EE ZIS-5V winter right.jpg (30117 byte)


The ZiS-5V was a simplified version of the ZiS-5 and consumed 200kg less metal than the ZiS-5. The drivers cabin and the cargo body were made of wood and the front wheel brakes were not longer used. This model is an Eastern Express issue. Painted with brush only.


Typ/Type  Army Truck
Beväpning/Armament  -
Pansar/Armour  -
Vikt/Weight  3100kg
Besättning/Crew  -
Motor/Engine  73hp
Hastighet/Speed  60km/h
Antal/Quantity  -
Byggår/Year of production  June 1942-
Tillverkare/Manufacturer  Ural