Light amphibious tank T-40

Light tank T-40

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This model comes from the company STC START, a real disaster to build, and the figure comes from TAMIYA I think.


Typ/Type  Light amphibious tank
Beväpning/Armament 1 x 12,7mm DShK MG (early)
1 x 20mm ShVAK gun (late)
1 x 7,62mm DT  MG
Pansar/Armour  Min 7mm Max 14mm
Vikt/Weight  5500kg
Besättning/Crew  2 men
Motor/Engine   GAZ-11 model 202 på 85hp
Hastighet/Speed  45km/h
Antal/Quantity  700
Byggår/Year of production  1940-1942