This website is like a photo lexicon of ww2 were one can see what things and persons really looked like. The site is under permanent construction and more photos will be added. Not many sides are in English yet but I will try to update them as quick as I can. Thoes that are in English are in blue characters. Navigation is easy: just pick a menu and a submenu will open were all words or names are a link to a photo. I hope that everything works because here are more than 6.700 photos. There are not so much facts to the photos; there are several other good websites on the web if you are searching for facts.  At last I must apologize for my sometimes-bad English but its not easy when you not use your native language. Much pleasure.


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2012-02-14 Character section/France

2012 -02-12 Character section/Germany

2012-02-11 Air section/Germany

2012-02-10 Navy section/Italy/Japan

2012-02-08 Navy section/UK

2012-02-05 Artillery/Germany/GB/Italy/Russia/US

Navy section/Germany

2012-01-08 1:35

2011-02-06 Aircraft section

2010-12-25 Tank section

2010-12-14 Tank section/Germany/France

2010-12-04 Tank section/Germany

2010-10-23 Tank section/USA

2010-10-23 Artillery/France

2010-10-22 Artillery/Germany

2010-10-17 Tank section

2010-10-10 Tank section/Germany

2010-10-09 Tank section/CS

2010-10-05 Tank section/Russia

2010-09-18 Tank section/Great Britain

2010-09-17 Collection of characters

2010-09-12 Tank section/USA

2010-04-24 Tank section/Sweden

2010-04-15 Tank section/Russia

2010-04-10 Tank section/Great Britain, Japan and Italy

2010-04-10 Tank section/France

2010-04-07 Tank section/Germany

2010-04-05 Air section/Sweden

2010-04-03 Air section/Germany

2010-04-02 Navy section/Great Britain and Sweden

2010-04-01 Navy section/Germany

2010-03-29 German and French Artillery

2010-03-28 A lot of new1:35

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